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Fee Management System

Fees management software, providing schools / colleges with powerful features for any type of private and public academic institutions in Asia, Europe,USA, Middle east. This one of the bests Fee Collection Software efficiently tracks the details of your school students past, future and current fee billing / payment collection receipts. Fee Management System module makes your working smooth while saving about 90% of manual work, resulting into a hassle free and paper less Management.

This Module Is created specifically to automate the process of Fee Collection and Receipt Generation with the Aim to minimize the manual Errors which occurs mainly at Receipt Counter. As an integrated part of School fee Management Software, Fee module enables to maintain fee receipts and outstanding amounts of student. Year, school ,section and standard wise fee reports can be generated. It has configurable structure for Discounts and its calculations thereof. The Fee Module comprises all details regarding fees such as fee submission, advanced fee, hostel fee, refund of academic and hostel fee. It includes various facilities like admission fee, computer fee, tuition fee etc.

On the Submission of fees Search student Year, school, section, standard and division wise then student display on Screen and then whose fee you want to submit click on this student name and Its Fees amount display on screen yearly , half yearly amount as setup above fees year, school, section and standard wise and also fee taken manually like April-2014 to June 2014 and amount insert manually.

Some of the main features of software for fees management are as follows:

Setup school, year, section, standard, division and trust and fee type like tution, breakfast-activity, travelling etc.

Setup fee structure year, school, section and standard wise.

Upload student year, school, section and standard wise with detail like Full name and address.

Student can submit fee yearly half yearly and manually and Fee receipt generated with receipt no and student wise record managed in database.

Student Transfer process : with this functionality transfer to students current year to next year.

Setup optional fees like travelling or other manually for every student if optional fees applicable.

Advantages :

1. User-friendly

Feel the difference of implementing automated software into your system in few easy steps. It makes the users feel comfortable with user-friendly and easy handling of fee processing in a paperless environment.

2. Account Management

Create student profiles with demographic information, contact details and parent information. Track and post fees for admission, hostel, library, and other activities in student accounts.

3. Security

Fee automation system is highly secure with easy account management and role-based access control in a multi-user environment.

4. Quick Payments

Make fee remittances faster from website and mobile devices using secure payment gateways to provide students and parents with hassle-free processing and automatic generation of fee receipts.

5. Customizable & Flexible

Fee management software allows you to customize fee structure based on your unique needs with the ability to set discounts, add or edit fees, and collect penalties with ease.

6. Transparency

Improves the cash management and allows transparency on the payments made and the system will track suspicious and fraudulent transactions.

7. Revenue Management

Increase revenue for the institution by receiving payments from alumni, donors and other contributors.

8. Data Backup with Synchronization

The cloud-based fee management system provides fast and automatic backup and online/offline synchronization of data for access to academic data.

Benefits for Schools

Fast and easy collection of fees

Maintenance of a secure database of accounts

Safe and secured collection of fees

Involvement of lesser workforce by schools

Stay in competition and stay ahead with technology.

Improve cash management

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