Inventory & Sales System

Inventory & Sales Management System

Project Description

Customized Stock & sale system is simple & effective system that manage and monitor client inventory, sale and account to help streamline their operations and boost profits.

It is a unique software solutions to suit the world market of small and medium sized business. It is not just a Sales Management Software but also includes Inventory (Stock) Control, Real time stock updates, Sales Analysis, Customer and Vendor Information’s, account and Business Performance reports can be extracted to the time frame required by you.

  • Client:

    Hi-Tech Industries Pvt. Ltd


Admin can create system users & define their role and rights for the software. Admin can create his vendors, so purchase and payment can easily manage.

Manage vendor wise row material purchase and manage their payment status.

Manage product inventory and also set product's row material content to get row material stock status.

Set different pricing for retail and wholesale customers. Admin can also set pricing limit customer wise as well.

Manage client sale and process monthly or weekly bases

Managemnet team can check all the business process with just one click. This will help them to improve their business process, analysis, strategy creation, employee perforamance, business growth.

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