Product Description

Rdesk is simple & powerful restaurant point-of-sale & managemenet system , easily manage & scale your restaurant business, from one store to man, in the cloud.

Rdesk takes care of receipts, inventory, and sales reports and provides valuable analytics and feedback—so restaurant owner can focus on their customers.

Rdesk serves businesses big and small, from corner Fast Food shop to big restaurant around the world. It works with an ecosystem of hardware and software accessories that make it easier to run restaruant business.

Upgrading with modern restaurant point-of-sale is easy with Rdesk, Bring clients existing data to the cloud, so client can access it anywhere, anytime, yourself. Rdesk helps restaurant to extract data and move it to RDesk web system, and have assisted set-up options that mean you can upgrade to RDesk without business downtime.

Transform multiple restaurant business with cloud technology. With RDesk will able to keep an eye on all of customer restaurants. Real-time sales and other data is available for timely decisions. Manage one restaurant or many at the click of a button. It has never been easier to scale up, with information available across all your outlets, and you can customize each for tax, product and price.

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RDesk Features

Touch & without Touch Fast Sale

Sale by Parcel, Complementary, Jain, Home Delivery, Table , General

Discount On Sale

Customer Mobile No Process

Customer Interest History

Auto Product Upload From Web

Auto Sales Data Transfer To web

Daily Sales Report

Manager Registration

Vendor registration

Menu Rights To Manager

Item & Bill Delete rights To users

Row material Setup

Product Setup

Manage Product receipy

Manage Recipy base product base price

Assign Vendor to Item

Assign Product Rights to Branch

Daily Row material purchase

Daily Closing Stock


Real Time Sales tracking



We provide 24/7 customer support, and have a global network of Rdesk Expert partners to help you get up and running.

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