Project Description

VIBGYOR Global Trade (P.) Ltd. is exporting a huge range of polyester woven fabrics from India. We customize the product as per buyers requirement. We assure high quality and high satisfaction level to our buyers.

The company has great potential and has shown their ability by growing in a short duration of 4 years, has set very high standards for themselves. The company has a strong support with valued multinationals and leaders in yarn industry and a strong network in India, China, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore and various other countries. We offer our customer a great transparency of work and excess of all king of products at one place. This is only possible because of our network and teamwork of Vibgyor Global Trade.

Excelon designers built up a theme that matches the needs perfectly, the website is clear in its purpose and transfers the message in seconds to a prospect. Users know what they are getting and the results.

Live Preview
  • Features:

    • Dynamic
    • SEO Friendly
    • Attractive
  • Client:

    VIBGYOR Global Trade (P.) Ltd.

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